I am disgusted by what happened this year and I don't see how it can possibly get any better

by beatastic

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2016 has been what I believe is the worst year of my life: natural disasters, terrorism, fanatism, brexit, Trump, the rise of the far right across Europe, scandals, deaths of our heroes, pain, suffering, inequalities etc...
I am not one dwell on bad things but this year has been really depressing and the next one is set up to be even worse.
I wrote a couple of songs over the last 2 weeks of 2016 and realized they had a negative slant to them, were about the state of the world and adressed the coming year.
I do not know what the solution is to the ills of this world. I believe there are 2 solutions:
1- rise up against what has gone wrong, strength in unity, people gathering and fighting the popularism
2- act individually, be the best person you can, be a good citizen, a good person, show the example, be a leader, a positive leader

I wasn't going to release anything for a while, but today, 31st december 2016 at 8:29pm I have decided to release this EP containing 4 songs, to get it out of my system in the hope that this will bring back my positivity

1- Nothing Will Be The Same This Year
2- Become One Of Them
3- This Is The Year
4- Act On It

In 2017, we need to make a difference and right the wrongs
Love, Nico


released January 1, 2017

guitars, bass, vocals, programming, production, words and music by Nicolas Pierre Wardell



all rights reserved
Track Name: Nothing Will Be The Same Next Year
Everything's become hectic
Existence is tragic

Be the exception
Become rebellion

Nothing will be the same next year
And chances are we won't be here
Track Name: Become One Of Them
You gotta show love to others or you become of one them
You gotta be virtuous or you become one of them
You gotta spread kindness or you become one of them
You gotta learn to listen of you become one of them

Be the reason people change their lives
Make them want to get better
Track Name: This Is The Year
This is the year of fighting in the streets
This is the year of fear-mongering

Stop , stop make it stop , stop stop make it

This is the year to end all years
Track Name: Act On It
I don't know where to look
I don't know what to look for
Carry on my path
The road to oblivion

The circumstances made my choice
You gotta act on it, act on it

The circumstances made my choice
You better act on it , act on it

Pass the map, pass the map
Where's the trap, where's the trap